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Two newsletters


Aaah - it is an embarrassment of riches - while I was travelling around Cambodia, John Howells has been busy organising two more newsletters containing interesting articles written by various members of the Mornington Peninsula Human Rights Group.  What will we do when he retires from this role?

In the October edition (number 35), Hellen Cooke has written Part II of the role of women in human rights, media and the Australian Defence Forces and our editor, John Howells, reports on the results of the review of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities undertaken by the Victorian State Parliament's Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (SARC).  This Committee was chaired by Ed O'Donohue, who attended our October meeting and faced the questions of our members.

This meeting is fully reported on in the November edition (number 36).

If you would like to read our submission to the SARC, it is available here on our web site. 

Edition number 36 also contains a thoughtful article by Margaret Grummet, one of our members, on mental illness and human rights.  Most of us have been touched by mental illness in one way or another, and Margaret addresses the difficult question of protecting the human rights of those involved.  It is a good read - many thanks, Margaret.

Both newsletters are available here.