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How things can falter when good people go!


Well, in my last comment on this blog I asked the question "what will we do when John retires from the role of editing Connect?"....sadly, the answer is not a lot!  

I am guilty of not even publishing John's last newsletter – Connect 37 from December 2011– on the web site until now, nor have I published the March/April 2012 Connect Edition 38 - our first edition without John's input as Editor.  Oh dear!  I can only plead leniency from you, our readers (if you are still there!) as I slowly come up to speed.

There is no doubt that we miss having you as our editor, John Howell, as well as the role your played by your dear wife and our ex-Chair, Helen Howells.

There is some good news however.  We are about to publish Connect Edition 39, and it is a ripper.  So stay tuned!