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Connect number 34


Connect No. 34 could be the last edition of the Newsletter under John Howell's guiding hand – as unbelievable as it sounds, he has threatened to resign.  But I can't help thinking that it won't really happen until he has found another editor.  So what's the bet?  Will there be a Connect No. 35 under John's editorial control?  I certainly hope so! 

In the meantime, we have Connect No. 34 to enjoy.  In this edition John talks about Australia's treatment of strangers to our shore - very interesting.  Hellen Cooke has also provided an interesting article about women, human rights, media and the defence force.  She provides a historical background to women's roles in these arenas, including some interesting extracts from the World Disarmament Conference in February 1932, where women submitted eight million signatures on petitions for disarmament.