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Human Rights Day film

Date: 10 Dec 2012

Join us at the Atheneum Cinema in Sorrento at 6.30pm to see the award-winning film


best surf film of the year

In the 1980s, a pilot left behind a surfboard in a remote seaside village in Papua New Guinea, a land known for cargo cults and cannibalism.

Twenty years later, the sport of surfing is splintering Vanimo Village. For select surfing talent, it’s a way out to compete in the “whiteman’s” world. Personal and clan rivalries emerge as hopefuls claw for this prestigious position. The countercultural sport is also a unique catalyst for social change as women gain newfound status in a violent, patriarchal community.

The surfing experiment comes to a head when four village surfers compete in the country's first-ever national surfing titles. As the village grapples with its identity, these young heroes dream their surfboards will carry them to a better life.